Friday, 4 November 2011

Wat i do in my pbl class


currently suffer from diarrhea. small   amount of watery stool, light brown in colour, cause mild pain like being chilies during defecation. huhu
diagnose : eat too much spicy food (which i dont know which food that cos over spicy to me because i'm used  to eat spicy food) and it cause dehydration ( which answer why my lips still become dry even i wear lip gloss before went to class today)
solution : drink a lot water..zzzzz

firstly i pass my minitest. Alhamdulilah. 14/137 ranking with my college with 64% mark. that okay lah
then, i need to focus to my end block to get distinction. oh nooooo!!! i need to do a lot of memorization. i should score in my mcq, pbq, ospe, short note n essay. essay is the one i frightened most huhu. then pbq is scary too as i love to play during my pbl class. T.T

Let me introduce u what pbl ( problem based learning) is. pbl is like a class, with 13 medical student and 1 doctor. there is trigger 1 that give like a clue from what the unreal patient suffer for. then, the 13 fresh medical student need to solve n diagnose what disease or causes that effect the patient by proceed to trigger 2, 3 and 4. as medical world is full of possible causes, there is a lot of cause that can effect the patient. it needs skill to dis include some causes, n experience in choosing the correct laboratory investigation for the patient.

well, i always feel lazy to go to my pbl class because

1)it requires a lot of thinking which i'm super lazy to do in the evening
2) i don't want to say something stupid that get a frown from my group member
3)even i do my research, i still feel i cannot deliver it properly n explain it in speed language so that i finish my explanation early
4) suddenly i become speechless...zzzz
5)  i  don't want to repeat what have being said by others
6) impulse is late to generate, someone had already answer the only answer i know
7) the chair person forget about me huhu
8) i' discussion..okay, what disease we're discussed about, what lab investigation, i noe nothing :(
 9) cannot stop smiling looking my group member so serious, okay, is that i'm just the one who not play serious.
10) i fell sleepy..
11) when with prof nasa time, i love to pretend to look to dictionary to find the meaning he want even though i have no idea how the word is spell, best actress in the group heheh
12) i feel that i have become the worst chair person that cannot control the discussion (feelguilt to my group member because they need to go back late) n make me loss confident. then, i realise i need to iklas in everything i do. thanks for the words zu :)
 13) i become easily excited when we can go back early
14) then become lasy again to do presentation for second session pbl..huuuu
15) then become panic thinking of pbq (problem based question) which are related to pbl..

stop being playful lena!! embrace urself. just speak n don't keep. it is good for u to make mistake now then later in ur carrier life as a doctor. u're will gain experience n become skillful person that u're competible to  others.please dont be shy. be the one who speak and asked
okay :D


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