Thursday, 15 December 2011

bile adam n hawa lame tak berjumpa

Salam, kisah hati <3

hari ni saya merendek dgn 2 org jejaka yg hottt!
hot ke?
ok lah, 1stly my ex, huh xrase ape2 pun
2ndly, my future, hah yg ni excited giler.
rase nak terlompat2 cam pocong
toin toin toin

Ya Allah, tetapkanlah hatiku
jauhkan aku dari sifat gedik tak bertempat
dekatkan aku dengan hidayahmu
aku mohon ya Allah.

ingat ye kaum perempuan sume, kalo lelaki tu boleh bermulut manis dengan awak, die pun boleh bermulut manis ngan perempuan lain.

tegarkan diri..mungkin aku tak patut bgtau sesiapa pasal hal ni, citer kat blog pun da cukup kot

jap2, nak citer sikit..sikit je..
die makin sweet kot ( refer to my future :p)
tapi takut lak gantung harapan tinggi2
takut nanti jumpe speachless, maybe ade baiknye aku memerhati dari jauh.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Bile otak terbayang & tangan mula menaip


ok, year 1 blok 2 da start
alhamdulilah, aku lulus pass safe, tak yah susah2 nak viva voice. aku dgr je ayat tu leh seram sejuk aku dibuat nye. Walaupun tak dapat distinction, but markah lulus aku tu leh lah wat makan, bertahan tuk melangkah 2nd year t ,cuti hari tu pula sempat study git physio n urine, kene revise pasal aritu time exam agak blur xley jwb. sekarang da ok kut. then, plan mengayat senior waktu cuti terpakse dibatalkan pasal baru perasan akak tu maxis lah pulak n lg sorg akak tu bru 2yr, malu nk m'yusahkan pasal aku de akak 2yr aku sndiri da, kak izzah n kak yana. Lesen P pulak aku da lulus, alhamdulilah segala  baik je during jpj aritu. Petang2 time cuti, aku g bersihkan laman rumah, beriadah sikit. Malam2 pulak try habiskan movie kat lappy aku ini. Owh, aku da start hafal bape surah2 baru kasi lancar, dayah kate nak tgk aku jd imam blok 2 t, xkan aku nk jd imam bace al-iklas n an-nas je,  hah, t doa pun aku nk volunteer bace lepas solat magrib n isyak, nak photostat doa dari lisa aritu. Aritu aku g ngaji balik ngan cikgu, ok lah lame xjumpe cikgu. cikgu pesan busy camner pun al-quran jgn lupe bace. Betul tu cikgu, blok lepas selalu skip2 bace quran. At the end, al-quran juga yang  dicari wat tenangkan jiwa.

year 1 blok 2 ni senior kate senang. wah, leh tarik handbrake ni. but aku nk target distinction. so study kene study gak. umm asyraf da pindah masuk tab 3. asyraf dan auranya hahah. sekarang ni die lagi rapat ngan aishah ahmad, takpe aku xjeles pun. kekadang die datg gak bilik aku, tgk aku camner. Btw,sekarang ni study group aku da berubah pola, kiteorg more to read by urself n explain. Hah discussion pbl lak da bertambah hangat, sume orang da expert skrg ni. sebab blok ni agak santai, aku da mula aktif dgn baitul husna, sebelum ni slalu gak dapat meseg but xde mase nak join. sekarang ni nak kne pandai locate mase, aku nak aktif sebelum minitest je. Lepas minitest, aku nak fokus. tak mau da macam aritu, kelam kabut aku. Hah, aku pun da locate masa tuk swimming,setiap hari khamis petang. seronok bile da pandai swim, yg penting confident. tleh lah aku jadi life-server. Then, volenteer team tu aku join bile aku free je. xlah seexcited mase mule2 dulu. kasi chance org len lak. Fokus distinction!.

smooth je kan cara aku tulis. macam org tken clutch time drive. kete seperti atas air. Hopely y1b2 will be the best blok ever for me :D

*ni sume just prediction aku tau, how i want things to run smoothly during next blog. korg jgn cakap aku pandai2 tilik nasib ke per
if u fail to plan, u're plan to fail

Monday, 28 November 2011


ni entry lepas geram..syoh syoh jangan baca

eeee menyampahnye...
saje je nak merendak kan
pantang ade peluang..
tinggal je aku terkotang kanting..
geram btul..
jeles pun ade ni..

terpaksalah korbankan fb aku sekarang ni
"currently not wit fb until end of exam"
fokus lena fokus!
u'll get a better person than him
so xheranlah kalo ko nak merendek ke
siyesly aku tak kisah

time to move on
no more him again

Friday, 4 November 2011

Wat i do in my pbl class


currently suffer from diarrhea. small   amount of watery stool, light brown in colour, cause mild pain like being chilies during defecation. huhu
diagnose : eat too much spicy food (which i dont know which food that cos over spicy to me because i'm used  to eat spicy food) and it cause dehydration ( which answer why my lips still become dry even i wear lip gloss before went to class today)
solution : drink a lot water..zzzzz

firstly i pass my minitest. Alhamdulilah. 14/137 ranking with my college with 64% mark. that okay lah
then, i need to focus to my end block to get distinction. oh nooooo!!! i need to do a lot of memorization. i should score in my mcq, pbq, ospe, short note n essay. essay is the one i frightened most huhu. then pbq is scary too as i love to play during my pbl class. T.T

Let me introduce u what pbl ( problem based learning) is. pbl is like a class, with 13 medical student and 1 doctor. there is trigger 1 that give like a clue from what the unreal patient suffer for. then, the 13 fresh medical student need to solve n diagnose what disease or causes that effect the patient by proceed to trigger 2, 3 and 4. as medical world is full of possible causes, there is a lot of cause that can effect the patient. it needs skill to dis include some causes, n experience in choosing the correct laboratory investigation for the patient.

well, i always feel lazy to go to my pbl class because

1)it requires a lot of thinking which i'm super lazy to do in the evening
2) i don't want to say something stupid that get a frown from my group member
3)even i do my research, i still feel i cannot deliver it properly n explain it in speed language so that i finish my explanation early
4) suddenly i become speechless...zzzz
5)  i  don't want to repeat what have being said by others
6) impulse is late to generate, someone had already answer the only answer i know
7) the chair person forget about me huhu
8) i' discussion..okay, what disease we're discussed about, what lab investigation, i noe nothing :(
 9) cannot stop smiling looking my group member so serious, okay, is that i'm just the one who not play serious.
10) i fell sleepy..
11) when with prof nasa time, i love to pretend to look to dictionary to find the meaning he want even though i have no idea how the word is spell, best actress in the group heheh
12) i feel that i have become the worst chair person that cannot control the discussion (feelguilt to my group member because they need to go back late) n make me loss confident. then, i realise i need to iklas in everything i do. thanks for the words zu :)
 13) i become easily excited when we can go back early
14) then become lasy again to do presentation for second session pbl..huuuu
15) then become panic thinking of pbq (problem based question) which are related to pbl..

stop being playful lena!! embrace urself. just speak n don't keep. it is good for u to make mistake now then later in ur carrier life as a doctor. u're will gain experience n become skillful person that u're competible to  others.please dont be shy. be the one who speak and asked
okay :D


Saturday, 8 October 2011


salam, just move on

jangan bace entri saya

saya takde bende nak cakap

Saturday, 10 September 2011

oh abah, you're right all these years

Assalamualaikum to those who are willing to read. Your fully concern is highly appreciated.

Okay, let start the story with me, myself. I was born in this family with some leaps and bounds in crisis.  Well everyone  knows that life is not  a bed of roses. Like my favorite teacher  once said “as long as you have food to eat and cloth to wear, everything is okay”.  I hold this principle for several years. I start to shun away with my family problem and focus on my study. Alhamdulilah, I do great with it.

The reason I wrote this stuff is not to make thing clear. This is due to I acknowledge myself that I don’t have any power to point people’s mistake, I’m just want to express my feeling that I kept deep inside my heart all these years.

 Actually this story had happened a long times ago. I’m still remember when I was a little girl I always saw the older people in my family arguing. That time I feel weird because as a family why they are so much argue, why they don’t act like the happy loving cuddly family in the television. But I remain silence.

I still remember when my abah got mad and drove away from kampong just like that and it is not happen only once. heheh my abah is a sensitive person as he still like that.  Sometime my abah also told me about one of his family member that detests him. But I remain silence. Hehe once a while I also advised abah that it is not good to talk other people back. Well it’s hard to keep my mouth shut. Then, abah will be the one who remain silence.
Recently the history repeated by itself. There have been misinformation happen (I choose this word as it looks more polite :p) that lead to argue. This time it becomes worse because it involve the younger in the family. This cannot be obstruct as the younger is not actually young anymore. They know they can differentiate between the right and wrong. What they forget to know is that it ’s essential  to keep this silaturahim and not get influence with darah muda.

There was a day after raya when abah and me sit together in the kitchen, helping me to cook for lunch. We chat about my friends, anept’s girlfriend, my other sibling deepest secrete hahah I’m REALLY cannot shut my mouth and other funny stories. Then it’s time for abah to tell his stories and he told me about one of his family member. Firstly, I’m just kept silence. As a realistic person, I believe it’s very crucial to listen for both side. Then I brave myself to ask “abah dari dulu lagi memang suka gado ngan *** ke, sejak kecik lagi, naper? Bile bende ni start?”.  Abah take a moment. Maybe he do not know whether to tell me this bitter story or not because he afraid it’ll grow hatred in my heart to that particular person or maybe abah knows whatever he told me is difficult for me to understand as I refused to do so until I hear from both side. Finally, abah told me the story. He told me that he never intend to coax my grandma to give the land to his and many other things. Abah try to convince me by telling evidence in every detail of his story. I’m also try hard to recall those back memory and it suit with abah story.

For instance, when my grandparent still alive, I was one of family member who frequently be forced by abah to balik kampong. The reason balik kampong is like a pill in my throat is I always been criticized for not doing thing right in the kitchen hahah. Well, I was not born to stay in the kitchen. There a lots outside the kitchen waiting for me to discover.  Until know, the kitchen and me are not really good friend =.=”.  okay back to the important story.

Preparation for eid- adha when my grandparent still alive.

Me: banyak ek nenek masak sume orang balik ek, org ni balik x, org tu balik x, nenek ade ajak *** x, da jemput  *** datang?”

Late grandma: buat ape nak jemput, kan raya, ni bukan rumah sape pun, kalau die nak balik, die balik! (tertibe melenting, terkejut aku)

And then my late grandma mumble all the days,  she told my father about the conversation between her and me. My father just remains silence. He never took the chance to spread all bad word about *** in front of me although he got the perfect time and believe me I never heard my father said something bad about *** to my grandparent. Maybe because abah knows his parent knows who abah is really. It is actually actions that speak louder than the words in abah ways to show his deeply concern to my grandparent.  
Actually, even abah had told me the story I’m still refused to choose side. I believe we all should forget the past and start a fresh bond. Untill one day…

It’s shock news when my older brother tags me to read the blog. I read the whole things. Nothing interests me because I know the REAL story. But what touched my heart is the sentence “dia telah diberi balasan dengan isteri yang menghidapi penyakit cronik da n 2 orang anak yang cacat”. That very particular sentence had make tears rolls down to my cheek. La haula wala ku wata illah billah. I never imagine that these words define my family. If he said that he never mention my family and I ’m just the one who extravagant what can be said,I’ve been raised in this family full of backbiting and slander. To realize this sarcastic sentence is just like take a candy from a baby.

So I made up my mind. I’ll never let people describe my family like that. it’s the time for me to stand for own family. I’ll show the world to have a person with chronic illness and 2 handicapped brothers is not an obstacle to be a person that can benefit others. I ‘ll chased my dream to be a good muslimah doctor and uphold  my family good name.

Mak ayah aku ade anak jadi doctor. Ko ade?

Like anept said “kesenangan kiteorang pun bukan sebab kesusahan ko” so tak tau lah kalo ko rase susah dengan kesenangan kiteorang. Tu ko punya pasal. But don’t cross my line!.

Ahh the good thing I discover after read the blog is I finally heard both story. Now, I can choose side. Oh abah, you’re right all these times.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

aku lulus Q.T.I walaupun =P

makcik aku luluslah qti, alhamdulilah ^^, happy sesangat tengahari tadi dapat meseg suruh tetapkan tarikh test jpj. yeah!! . aku pun xtau lah camner aku leh proceeds g test jpj. pasal time qti dulu aku lost betul, lupe pasang signal lah,  mati engine kat trafic light lah. wah ,rase teruk betul time tu. bile uncle cine tu cakap "awak belum cekap bawak kereta lagi, nanti belajar lagi ha, sudah belajar bape jam?" aku da down da. aku rase comfirm aku fail padahal baru 1/4 kerat aku kat jalan raya. then, aku pun malas2 bawak kete, malas nak tengok side mirror, malas nak free gear, tarik handbreak huhu. dah lah paking senget pulak. pucat muka aku keluar kete, rase terkubur harapan aku nk dapat lesen. lepas tu ade budak pompuan duk sebelah aku, tanye ok ke x, xkan aku nk tipu kan, bulan pose ni. so, aku pun bukalah pekung di dada hwawawa. malu kut. aku sempat gak intai uncle tu tick kat kertas ujian jln raya aku "GAGAL MENGUNAKAN CERMIN PANDANG BELAKANG DAN SISI" ha amik ko, gugup aku tgk kertas tu.

yang olah gerak tu ok je. just uncle tu tegur aku hampir-hampir langgar tiang. da pak cik tu berkerut je muka, aku pun takut lah. kat bukit silly mistake, lupa angkat tangan, pastu minyak xkuat, siap mati engine, siap ade yang kebelakang kete, memang disaster betul, nasib baik aku  tekan brek :p eleh.

overallnye aku lulus! percayalah...(sambil nyanyi lagu siti)

jadi aku telah tetapkan 26.9 sebagai test jpj kete aku, senin. time kuliah, xperlah t aku habag kat lecterur terchinta ye. mesti die faham. t jpj aku nk wat betul2 chaiyok! chaiyok!

ni ade sedikit tips untuk aku waktu jpj test t

kertas yang jpj tu tande merangkumi:

Markah 1 ->
- Membetulkan tempat duduk.

Markah 2 ->
- Membetulkan cermin pandang belakang dan tepi.

Markah 3 ->
- Pakai talipinggang keledar.

Markah 4 ->
- Menentukan gear dalam keadaan bebas sebelum menghidupkan engin motokar.

Markah 5 ->
- Menguji keadaan pencuci cermin dan lampu isyarat.

Markah 6 ->
- Guna isyarat lampu/tangan apabila diperlukan.

Markah 7 ->
- Guna brek kaki dan tangan dengan betul.

Markah 8 ->
- Mematuhi peraturan lampu isyarat.

Markah 9 ->
- Mematuhi tanda berhenti di persimpangan jalan.

Markah 10 ->
- Mematuhi peraturan garisan dua selari.

Markah 11 ->
- Memandu di lorong yang betul/kawalan steering.

Markah 12 ->
- Memandu kenderaan di jarak yang selamat.

Markah 13 ->
- Memotong dengan cara yang betul dan menggunakan cermin pandang belakang sebelum membelok.

Markah 14 ->
- Mematuhi had laju.

Markah 15 ->
- Memberi keutamaan kepada pejalan kaki,penunggang basikal dan motosikal.

Markah 16 ->
- Memandu di selekoh dengan cara yang betul,perlahan dan ikut lorong yang betul.

Markah 17 ->
- Tidak menukar lorong dengan tergesa-gesa di kawasan kesesakan lalulintas.

Markah 18 ->
- Memberi keutamaan kepada kenderaan dari sebelah kanan di persimpangan dan bulatan.

Markah 19 ->
- Memandu secara tidak merbahaya.

Markah 20 ->- Menggunakan gear sesuai mengikut kelajuan. 

Nota: Markah minima untuk lulus ialah 16 / 20.Dengan syarat tidak berlaku sebarang kemalangan ketika sesi ujian.

*ingat buat step by step..('',)

Contoh-contoh kesalahan mandatori ( gagal serta merta ):
1. Anda tidak tarik brek tangan dan bebaskan gear ketika berhenti di simpang tiga.
2. Anda terus memandu walaupun lampu isyarat menunjukkan warna merah.
3. Memandu melebihi 60km sejam.
4. Menukar lorong tergesa-gesa dan membahayakan.
5. Anda melanggar garisan pembahagi di tengah-tengah jalan.
6. Tidak memberi isyarat ketika hendak membelok dan memotong.

*be careful yo ('',)
ni sume aku amik kat SINI

thanks to afiq yusuf sebab tag gambar mahalah.

Sunday, 21 August 2011



walau raga kita terpisah jauh
namun hati kita selalu dekat
bila rindu
pejamkan matamu
dan rasakan a a a aku rindu
kekuatan cinta takkan pernah rapuh
terhapus ruang dan waktu
percayalah kesetiaan ini
pada ketulusan a a aishiteru

maaf, saya tak boleh pejam mata, air mata je turun. memang saya rindu sangat2. dah tak leh tahan sampai jatuh air mata. hari ni dah lah fail qti, pastu cikgu  saya yang hensem pun xbalas meseg. well, die memang hensem tapi taklah meragut jiwa because da pangkat pakcik-pakcik. mesti cikgu kecewa dengan saya. saya pelajar die yang excellent waktu mula2, takde masalah gear n clucth become worse day by day. hari ni mati enjin kat trafic light, dulu xde pun masalah macam ni. mungkin sebab saya da hilang fokus. maafkan saya cikgu. beri saya peluang dan saya akan buat betul-betul.

hari ni saya perasan dalam hati saya ade ruang kosong, saya rindu, saya nangis bace note kat fb, saya nangis dengar lagu aishiteru. saya rindu. rindu sesangat. orang kata bile hati kite rase kosong, maksudnya rohani kita lapar tapisaya da tingkatkan rohani saya..saya bace quran, saya solat terawih. kenapa masih lapar? ade orang kata kite rasa kosong sebab jodoh kita tengah sedih sekarang, saya dahlah tengah bermasam muka dengan jodoh saya (kut), pedulik ape saya kalau die sedih, ntah-ntah die sedang bersuka ria sekarang.

saya rasa nak cal kawan-kawan yang saya rindu. cal ezzati semalam dan terkejut banyaknya bende yang baru happen. selamani saya rase follow status kat facebook da mengcukupi, rupanya banyak bende menarik yang hanya share dengan orang specel je. cal adi, adi xangkat. cal asyraf, mahal pulak. call mar, aini n pah, takut gangu lak, cal sham, seganlah pasal da curi rumate die. name2 yang xdisebut tu, bukan saya tak nak cal, tapi saya memang takut mengangu. saya tak nak susahkan orang dengan keadaan diri yang merengek-rengek ni.

tau tak ape yang saya perlukan..kemas bilik..basuh baju..

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Dalam hati siapa yang tau

Aku tak penting..lalala~~
salam, ape perasaan kalo sesuatu yang penting berlaku tapi die xnak share dengan ko. ee geramnye!! nampak sangat diri ni xpenting. nak merajuk xbende nak merajukkan. rase cam keanak-anakan lah kalo pasal ni pun da nganjuk. nak tulis kat fb kang takut orang comment, t hal ni jadi lagi melarat. so, ngadu jelah kat blog. ok, full stop...

Last-last aku tarik muncung panjang-panjang kat hospital
ari selasa aritu, aku g hospital, bawak mak aku yg sakit ni. hmm, kiteorang ade care tersendiri tuk sattle masalah. jadi, mase bapak aku g cari tmpt paking kete, aku pun bwak lah mak aku g tmpt specialist. ade lif tapi aku lagi prefer naik tangga. bukan ape aku takut naik lif hospital, pintu die tebal, pastu butang die buruk, rase cam loose button..then, cbe bayangkan berapa ramai patient yang mati dalam lif hospital. then, tertibe lif tu sangkut, lampu kelap kelip n roh-roh xtenang tu pun kaco orang..uiii scary. But orang tak faham,diorang asyik tanye je kat aku.

orang asyik tengok aku n mak aku, aku seganlah. aku memang xde mood betul. lagi tak boleh blah,para doktor pun tengok aku n mak aku semacam. ni telah membuatkan aku lagi bad mood! ..aku dah xde rase thrill da tengok doktor. sekarang ni bagi aku diorang ni absolutely manusia biase. knowledge yang diorang ade tak membezakan mereka ngan orang awam. Diorang pun tak faham.

kemudian sessi berjumpa dengan doktor pakar, walaupun 3 bilik dibuka, but parent aku n aku kene tunggu selama 1jam 30 minit baru boleh masuk. Bile masuk bilik doktor, doktor tu terus hulur tangan nak shake. aku sambut ala kadar je . yelah, thanks for keep me waiting about half & a hour..dalam hati aku, kagum gak doktor ni berani shake hand ngan patient even patient ni leh spreed disease. len kali kalo aku jmpe dr, aku nk shake hand lah, amik berkat. nak tengok berani x dr tu salam tangan aku hwahwahwa.

pastu, mak aku bagitau penyakit die, memang lari topik betul lah. aku diam je pasal aku tau procedure let the patient talk. then, bapak aku yang nak jimat mase, potong cakap mak aku. n dr xberkenan n suh kiteorang keluar. die wat one to one session ngan mak aku. aku keluar n orang tanye lagi naper aku xtunggu dalam. masyarakat kite ni memang prihatin. bak sini rm10 support duit topup aku.

then, turn aku lak one to one session ngan doktor tu. die tanye aku kerje ape? aku pelik lah. ape dress up aku ni cam orang da kerje ke. setakat pashmina hijau (tu pun orang bagi) , t shirt hitam, seluat jean hitam n kasut bonita putih yang bapak aku kate tak cantik. kemudian aku jwp aku masih study. owh study, bidang ape? ni yang berat mulut nak cakap ni. medic..taun bape?..baru nk masuk bln 9 ni..owh baru nk masuk..ok..ok..kemudian kiteorang bincang pasal penyakit mak aku. doktor tu siap cakap "t awak jadi doktor awak taulah". ye ke? doktor tau sangat ke. doktor pun judgemental gak, still ordinary human being. empati tak perlukan knowledge tinggi-tinggi, yang penting tau menjaga hati n perasaan orang.

rupanye doktor tu ingat aku pakar sakit puan kat hospital tu. naper doktor tu fikir camgitu, aku biarkan korang find the answer by yourself. aku senyum je. perjalanan aku masih jauh. aku dapat tiket sebagai seorang pelajar perubatan.

doktor ni dengan baik hati menerangkan function ubat-ubat ni. contohnye
T.Aspirin = untuk prevent stroke from happen. stroke cam kencing manis, die ade tapi kite xnampak. n sekali dah kene stroke, chance die lagi tinggi akan kene lagi
C.Phenytoin = ubat sawan, sawan ade 2 condition satu yang boleh dilihat like shivering n satu lagi dari segi attitude
T. Sulphide = ubat anti depression
T. Artane = ubat counter effect of t. sulphide, kecil-kecil, petak-petak warna kuning, mak aku ade allergic ngan ubat t. sulphide ni. 

doktor kate t  farmasi kat bawah akan bagitau. tapi farmasi kat bawah just bagitau bape kali kene makan je, tak terang pun satu-satu cam doktor buat. doktor ni baik sebenarnya. bukan sume doktor nak terang ubat ape patient makan. so, i get lucky lah. maybe she really expect aku tuk understand.

waktu aku mintak tarikh tuk next appointment mak aku, lagi sekali nurse kat counter tu tanye aku kerje ape sebijik cam soalan doktor tu. aku still student baru nk belajar medic, kalo aku doktor, aku bawak g swasta je mak aku ni, xde lah kene tunggu lama-lama camgini. 

dah 2 hari mak aku g hospital, n kesihatan die become worse, kan aku da kate mak aku allergy ngan ubat tu. sekarang asyik jatuh-jatuh. kalo teruk sangat maybe kene masuk hospital. syafakillah.

Monday, 8 August 2011

cara mengetahui juzuk al-quran

Salam, my favret pink stuff is my Tafsir Quran. Well, hari ni ela bawak quran aku g sekolah tuk tadarus. aku hope sangat xde sape nak curi quran tu.  Yelah, quran tu kan comel, fleksible, n selalu aku bace.t kang bile da xde, sedih aku. by the way, ela pun kate kwn die berkenan ngan quran pink.tu, nampak feminin. plus, ela tu walaupun ade je tafsir quran iium aku, die lagi prefer pakai quran pink pasal ade juzuk. Jadi, redha jelah adik aku bawak tafsir aku g sekolah.

ela pernah ngadu kat aku yang die xgeti nak tengok juzuk quran sampai mane. aku pun xgeti nak jawab n suh die tengok kat tepi page quran je. so, kalo nank cari juzuk 10, kene lah selak satu-satu.

fortunately, tadi time stalker2 kat fb, aku jmpe care nak tau juzuk quran. Alhamdulilah bertambah ilmu.

cara mudah mencari muka surat dlm Quran.. :)
Al-Quran adalah peninggalan Rasulullah kpd kita semua umatnya. Ada 2 benda yg Nabi Muhammad s.a.w tinggalkan kepada kita iaitu Al-Quran dan juga Sunnah utk kita semua amalkan. Berapa kali kita baca Al-Quran sehari? 1 kali? 2 kali atau dalam... solat sahaja? Pahala paling senang nk dapat adalah melalui pembacaan Al-Quran kerana setiap huruf diberikan 10 p...ahala, tambahan pula quran adalah kalam Allah (dtg daripada Allah sendiri bukan diciptakan manusia)

Tips yg nk kongsikan ni adalah cara utk menghafal muka surat setiap juzuk Al-Quran. Memang menakjubkan kerana hanya dengan menggunakan formula matematik ringkas, kita dapat tau muka surat setiap juzuk Al-Quran.

Jom sama2 kita belajar... ;)

Contoh 1
Jika anda ingin mengetahui Juzuk 5 di halaman ke berapa:
5-1 = 4, 4 perlu didarab dengan 2 jadi 4 x 2 = 8
Letakkan no 2 selepas jawapan.
Jadi, juzuk 5 adalah pada halaman 82
Sekarang lihat pada Quran dan anda akan lihat Juzuk 5 bermula pada halaman 82. Menarikkan?

Contoh 2
Jika anda ingin mengetahui Juzuk 10 di halaman ke berapa:
10-1 = 9, 9 perlu didarab dengan 2 jadi 9 x 2 = 18
Letakkan no 2 selepas jawapan.
Jadi, juzuk 10 adalah pada halaman 182

Contoh 3
Jika anda ingin mengetahui Juzuk 23 di halaman ke berapa:
23-1 = 22, 22 perlu didarab dengan 2 jadi 22 x 2 = 44
Letakkan no 2 selepas jawapan.
Jadi, juzu 23 adalah pada halaman 442
Subhanallah, Sama2 kita kongsikan kepada kawan2 kita, adik2 kita, famili2 kita supaya kita sama2 mendapat pahala...
:)) ramadhan karem..
jadi, sekarang da tau :D..
*dulu kat sekolah, quran aku pernah kene ambil ngan orang pasal aku tertinggal kat bawah meje. but aku xde bukti nak cakap tu quran aku pasal aku tak tulis name. budak tu pun slumber declare tu quran die dari rumah die but the owner knows best. aku sedih pasal tu quran first aku. tapi sekarang da xlagi..:):):)...aku kire sedekah jelah quran tu. moga setiap bacaan t disalurkan kat aku sekali amin. 

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

lesson 1: Human Reproduction

Salam, aku sanggup selongkar almari aku yang tinggi tu untuk extract amanah yang berharga ni. Well, time aku form 3, cikgu maimunah ajar kiteorang science sambil nyanyi2. memang interesting. :).


Goodbye to you my testis  friend
We've been together 
Since babe to thirteen
Now he has reached puberty
The time has come to set me free
Millions of sperms like me daily

Goodbye testis we have to go
We are sending the male genetics
Provides with tail for swimming far
The body stores energy
To ensure this long journey

*We swim up the sperm ducts
to seminal vesicle
that provides us with food in its
sticky semen fluid
we reach the prostate glands
get the medium to swim in
now through the urethra patiently
wait in penis....

Hello vagina here we come... 
Swimming fast through open cervic
Racing up the wide uterus,
direct to follopian tubes
Hoping to meet an ovum

*Hei ovum where are you
Have you not been released yet?
This is the fertile phase.
I'll wait for you just 3 days

My dear sperms please wait for me
I'll released on the day fourteen
Wait for the ovulaation
An ovum will be released
Right into fallopian tube
My dear sperms
You won't miss me
I'm the biggest cell the human has
Carrying female genetics
Released one in 28 days
But my lifespan just for one day

*Now sperms meet the ovum
The best one will be chosen
Their nucleuses get fused
this is fertilization
Fertilization in human
takes place in follopian tube
The sperm's head will get in
Different genetics combined

Fertilization produce zygote
Zygote divides to form embryo
Moving down fallopian tube
Implanted to uterus wall,
Grows bigger and form foetus

*Foetus grows days by days
his mother provides his needs
38 to 40 weeks
and he's about to released
When the right time arrives
the cervic will open wide
to let the foetus out,
he has his first cry aloud

Welcome my baby to this world
You are the symbol of the victory
Best selected combination
So grow up and be the best
Serve the world
and save the rest

ok, nyanyi ikut rentak season in the sun-westlife

enjoy :D...Science is freaking fun~~