Thursday, 19 January 2012

Tutorial square

Salam, it is half the block already and my minitest is comingot only that, my seminar also coincidentally happen before the minitest. and it is REALLY cramp me up. Plus, my immp paperwork need to be handed within a month and also I have pathology practical book that need to be hand up every weak. And before I forget, my fortnightly report pathology than need to be done. Eventhough previously I said that it's okay for me to get busy before minitest, I really do not expect this kind of business. Ahh I can't wait to take a long breath when it all over.

Fortunately, some of my work done in a group. I'm glad that my friends willing to tolerate with me about jobs distribution and also i found that they are more actively colloborate.  WELL DONE GROUP PBL 2. hehehe.

last night I only get 3 hour sleep and I do it in purpose. today got tutorial pathology and immunology in a row. I'm doing well in pathology because it is my favourite subject. Although most of my colleague prefer dr Naznin, I adore dr Aung gyi instead, nothing personal just my point of view. HOWEVER, in immunology I accidentally FAILED the test.  i only got 9 out of 20 which is sure make prof naza's eyes become protrusion hahha. It is not like I detest immune but i always feel not enough book to read. While I'm doing my immune test, there is some facts that i never come across and usually the only fact i know had been twisted until I become confuse to answer. huh =_='.

So that mean i need to read books for  immune. technology is spreading and immune knowledge is everywhere (thumbs up). I saw  a lot of people reading Lange, maybe i should read that to.

ps I have finished reading the diary of wimpy kid cottage fever :D

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