Friday, 3 August 2012

Review Year 1 Block 4

Salam, alhamdulilah, year 1 block 4 da abis semalam, tinggal tggu exam je. So tamatlah sudah satu tahun jadi student medic. Time moving so fast isn’t

Jadi, nil ah note during last class. Mase ni kiteorang ade presentation.

-describe n interpret the data
-don’t mention the no, describe it (used words third, half, higher)
-animation slide blaja ngan Caca, try explore sendiri time cuti
-2011 also can be mention twenty eleven
-tolong cari pasal criteria of validity
-stadiometer to check weight and height
-omron to check blood pressure
-normal < 120/<80
-prehypertensive 120-139/ 80-89
-hypertensive  >140/ >90
-don’t over bluffing
-validity of questionnaire
-cross-sectional =study association not influence
-careful with term used
Physical fitness not same with physical activity
-result more important than introduction
-manage time wisely (prioritise during rehearsal)
-tools used-definition and character

From my point of view,

-next time prepare for question, don’t underestimate small thing, what you present is important and you must know all of it. Don’t hesitate.

Remember: IF YOU COLLECT RUBISH, YOU PRESENT RUBBISH. Confident is essential, don’t reveal your mistake, enclosed it with everything you can do.
Dont easily give up on people. Yes, REDHA ALLAH TU PASTI, REDHA MANUSIA TAK TAHU LAGI. Tapi Allah suruh kite berukhwah, jadi tolak-ansur and husnuzon :D

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