Saturday, 10 November 2012

let say y2b1


u want to know what happen during this block?

aha u're naughty stalker.

simply say....

good things happen, bad things happen, good then bad thing happen

then also there bad thing then good things happen.

it all back to us to get its' gists, its' lessons.

A story I would like to share is about

during pharmacology class with Prof Tariq, a legendary prof who also had taugh our lect

the class title "arrhythmia"

after the 2 hours separate sesion lect,he asked for question

and I, become simply naive girl asked

"what is automaticity?"

then, prof reply "after all the lecture, u asked me what's automaticity?"

prof look dissapointed, everyone in class felts sorry for prof. some of them laugh at my tiny brain.

and I, i felt the worse.

next, not long after that, someone come to me and asked "Liyana, what is automaticity?"

I feel like want to slab the person.


all this time u also dont know n u left me to look stupid ALONE in the class.

That unacceptable.

Now, when I look back what happen, I just laugh. what a silly me. everything want to spoon feed.

the story become repeated jokes in my room. I dont feel stupid anymore because i know there is always  a bunch of it out there but I'm among them who brave enough to admin their.

so that my story, a lot more waiting.

lesson for today;"  if u dont know, n dont trust ur colleague, google up!"

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