Sunday, 29 May 2011

3 method to achieve a good character

Assalamualaikum  and thank you  sister solehah,
As you can see in the slide provided, there are 3 methods to achieve good character. There are divine generosity, habituation and association. Please help me to correct the slide provided to you.

Let us see to the first method, that is divine generosity.  First you should understand that Divine mean God and divine generosity is the generous of god. One can possess good character naturally when he got divine generosity or in Arabic term bitt-t-ab wal al-fitra. They are so created that all the faculties of their souls are in equilibrium and their faculties of desire and anger obey the dictates of reason and syaria. Some examples of these types of peoples are the prophets. Prophet muhammad s.a.w is an ideal personality. The akhlak of rasululah will be explained further by sister Baizura. Even though,divine genority is only given to the prophets, we should never forget people other than prophets may also posses good character by using habituation and association.

Let us proceed to the second method that is habituation. There are three important key words in habituation. The first is mujahadah, motivation, second is riyadah, self-training and the last one is itiyad, habit.  To start of habituation, one should have strong motivation and wills to take pain to engage generous action. It can be such as giving away some particular possession until it becomes a kind of second nature to him. If he feel pleasure to perform it, it mean he had achieved itiyad, habituation.
In the month of ramadhan, we can apply this concept in performing solat terawih. There is one girl who doesn’t like to perform solat terawih. Since she celebrate fasting month in uia, she had be forced by her roommate to perform solat terawih. First, she feels reluctant to perform it. Lastly, toward the end of the month when her roommate no longer force her, she herself feel she want to do it. It show she had reach habituation in achieving good character.

The last method is association. We can acquire good character by observation of good people and association with them. As we all know, man is by nature imitative. When they mix with good people, they will be influenced to be good and when they mix with bad people, they will be influenced to be bad. This is supported by a hadith that mention, the prophet sait “the similitude of good company and bad company is like the one who sell perfume and iron smith. The one who sell perfume will offer it to you, sell it to you or you will smell nice of it whereas iron smith will burn your cloth or you will smell bad.  The best example is children. If the children are raise in bad environment, they will have a bad akhlak. Therefore, there must be enforcement of law. So that, we can push the children to instill a good akhlaq until it become a habit.

            In conclusion, people can instill good character by divine generousity, habituation and association. As a true muslim, we should always bear in mind that we have given a wide freedom of choice but we should always choose a right thing. Thus, the implemention of good character is necessary throughout the life as a muslim.


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