Tuesday, 31 May 2011

when this happen, i can't wait it to over

xpasal2 aku kne cold shoulder. taula exam, sume org tension, yg g lepas kat aku tu spe suh. punyala dasyat cold shoulder tu, sampai pe2 pun xnak citer kt aku. yg best part, diorg slumber tunjuk xnak study dkt2 ngan aku. yg lagi best part diorg gelak sme2, aku je cam terpinggir. yg lagi lagi best, part aku kene ulang soalan smpi 2 kali baru nak jawab, mungkin sebab banyak sgt menghafal telah menyebabkan otak korang menjadi sangat lembap(ha, hamik ko!!)..eee geramnye aku time tu, geram plus dispointed. yeah, sgt dispointed. aku pun tension gak, korang treat aku camgitu lagi aku tension. Alhamdulilah, aku manage control everything. diorg xde, lagi senang aku nk menghafal, xde lah aku dgr bunyi org mumbling hafal.kalo diorg ade pun, aku kan hafal kuat2, padahal aku lagi prefer hfl pelan2 je, tapi saje nak sakitkan hati org. nak syoh2 people away. Last day, Asyraf sleep over, at least aku de teman lawan cakap n penyakit insomia aku sbelum exam dimanipulatekan untuk kiteorg berbual2 sepuas2nya. btw, despite all things, at least they still show mercy to me. Look at the bright sight, I get things I wanted, I just lose some fun times. that's all. Anyway girls, thank for making our goodbye is easy. I just have enough. owh, you all just injured my feeling tau.

Looking back, i encounter this many times.meet people, say hi, fake smile, fake laugh, share foods, tells secret, play jokes, true smile, true laugh, accepting advice, start to criticize, betrayer, show off, jealousy, undermined, cold-shoulder, crying, fake laugh again, fake smile again, say goodbye, leave people. wish that we never meet again as we don't have nothing to say and i just hate awkwardness. think i'm the one who lose? sometime i feel like that too. However, the good thing about move on is you'll find someone better if..you move on on a right direction. You will meet better people who give more inspiration to you and willing to stand on your back. the most important thing is you're now become more matured and knows how to react reasonably toward peer pressure. like i tell you before, my best friends never last longer enough. They all have their own dateline. That sometime make me uneasy toward the beginning of searching new friend. we can't know who suit to us. what i can do is to just blindly pick and bring up the good things in people. And if you want to believe me, i'm very good in communicate, i just know how to dig secret,plead and confront others, what u need to give me is a chance. When i got my chance, you're in bestfren.

the bad resort of all these, you cant count for your ex-bestfren to do thing you want to do. they're now longer in the list of "people who willing to help me for nothing". and sometimes even worst you're not in the their list of "people who can be invite to my party". Take me for example, I dont have any people in the list for be my bride maid huhuhu :'(. actually, this is still a small matter as i don't have a my groom yet.

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