Wednesday, 3 August 2011

lesson 1: Human Reproduction

Salam, aku sanggup selongkar almari aku yang tinggi tu untuk extract amanah yang berharga ni. Well, time aku form 3, cikgu maimunah ajar kiteorang science sambil nyanyi2. memang interesting. :).


Goodbye to you my testis  friend
We've been together 
Since babe to thirteen
Now he has reached puberty
The time has come to set me free
Millions of sperms like me daily

Goodbye testis we have to go
We are sending the male genetics
Provides with tail for swimming far
The body stores energy
To ensure this long journey

*We swim up the sperm ducts
to seminal vesicle
that provides us with food in its
sticky semen fluid
we reach the prostate glands
get the medium to swim in
now through the urethra patiently
wait in penis....

Hello vagina here we come... 
Swimming fast through open cervic
Racing up the wide uterus,
direct to follopian tubes
Hoping to meet an ovum

*Hei ovum where are you
Have you not been released yet?
This is the fertile phase.
I'll wait for you just 3 days

My dear sperms please wait for me
I'll released on the day fourteen
Wait for the ovulaation
An ovum will be released
Right into fallopian tube
My dear sperms
You won't miss me
I'm the biggest cell the human has
Carrying female genetics
Released one in 28 days
But my lifespan just for one day

*Now sperms meet the ovum
The best one will be chosen
Their nucleuses get fused
this is fertilization
Fertilization in human
takes place in follopian tube
The sperm's head will get in
Different genetics combined

Fertilization produce zygote
Zygote divides to form embryo
Moving down fallopian tube
Implanted to uterus wall,
Grows bigger and form foetus

*Foetus grows days by days
his mother provides his needs
38 to 40 weeks
and he's about to released
When the right time arrives
the cervic will open wide
to let the foetus out,
he has his first cry aloud

Welcome my baby to this world
You are the symbol of the victory
Best selected combination
So grow up and be the best
Serve the world
and save the rest

ok, nyanyi ikut rentak season in the sun-westlife

enjoy :D...Science is freaking fun~~

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