Thursday, 14 April 2011

actually this heart got feeling

perspective. the spectacle. our perspective toward people can be influenced by other people perspective. Do you believe? Lets study some situation:

in class, the teacher hates student A, then always comdemn A in class. we as students feel distrubted,stressed and tension. a large potion of student have those kinds of feelings not because of student A, but due to the teacher's nagging. Then, we put the blame on student A. Have some of feeling that he/ she is an idiot who mess up the class.

in relationship, a friend come to you to share his/ her problem. Tell you that he/she is a victim and friendly B is an evil person. crying for your sympathies and in the same that as a proof that friendly B has do something beyond appropriate. Then, we play ice wars (perang dingin) to friendly B without giving he/she to stand up for him/herself. We do this for the sake of supportive to our friend and we put judgement before we know the real story.

That the world it is. Every one is controlled by emotion.To attain our own peaceful is not easy. thus, let us change our own perspective. stop insult others, stop humiliate ones dignity.

aku terasa tau, xadil wat aku camgini. ko xdengar pun citer part aku agi. ikut kan hati malas nak heran, but kawankan. xperlah satu hari ti ko tau lah kawan ko tu camner. kalo die leh wat cngitu kat aku, die pun leh wat camgitu kat ko.
bile dah jadi cmgini, aku xtau da nak citer kat spe, rase cam sume org xkan faham and aku xnak lah dianggap backbiting pulak.
last2, aku just duduk je sebelah kawan rapat aku, in the hope that it can bring peace. pergi bilik org tu, pergi bilik org ni.
nasib baik ade mar, :D thanks for ur good advise. now i feel that i do not do any wrong. Tranquility n peace.
"kenapa ko xtegur je die tu, biar die tersedak skit" keh3 dialog ni dah diubah yer.

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